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Necrotising Enterocolitis (Nek-roh-tie-sing En-ter-oh-coh-lie-tis) also shortened to NEC (Neck)

NEC is inflammation of the bowel that can cause damage to a variable extent. It usually causes a temporary intolerance of milk feeds but at its worse the bowel may become so damaged that parts of it die.
NEC can affect just a small part of the bowel or sometimes the whole bowel may be affected.


Healthy Bowel

Who does NEC affect?
NEC is mostly seen in premature babies but can also occur in term babies.
The risk of premature babies developing NEC is thought to be higher in babies born before 32 weeks or those who weigh less than 1500g at birth. With advances in neonatal medicine many more very premature babies are surviving thus increasing the risk of NEC occurrence.
NEC is less common in term babies accounting for 10% of cases. NEC in term babies is often but not always associated with underlying problems such as heart conditions and abnormalities of the bowel. NEC can occur in term babies who do not have any underlying problems.

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