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Annemarie's Story

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I am a 28 year old NEC survivor who is currently recovering from my most recent operation. I wanted to share my story to highlight awareness of adults who can sometimes have ongoing issues or complications as a result of having NEC as a baby.
I was born 9 weeks premature. I had 50% of my small bowel and 1/4 of my large bowel removed because of NEC. My last operation as a child was at 3 years old to remove scar tissue and tidy my scar.
After my last pregnancy scar tissue began wrapping around my ovaries and insides, Doctors thought I had small over growth of bacteria. Since this March as I lost a lot of weight, my body was struggling to absorb anything from food. It turned out to be my scar tissue was inflamed causing a blockage. Last week I underwent another operation to remove more bowel. I also have a stoma.
I took the best option I could to better my quality of life for my girls. I am pleased to say it went well and I am looking forward to feeling pain free and back to being healthy again.

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