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 Hospital /Clinics Resources

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Here at NEC UK we provide useful resources for Hospitals and Clinics to display. If you would like to order some of our Leaflets, Poster and Pens please complete the below form. 

Hospital / Clinic Online
Order Form

Place your order now for a NEC Awareness Resources Pack including: x5 Leaflets, x5 Pens and an A3 Poster


Thanks for your order!

You may also be interested in ordering some of our Parent Care Packs or (NICU) Mini Parent Hygiene Pack for your unit. Please see below for more information..

Parent Care Pack 

If you are a Health Care Provider working with families and babies who have suspected or diagnosed NEC and would like to place an order of our "Parent Care Pack" please place your order here and select the amount you wish to receive.

Here at NEC UK one of the services we offer parents is support through our NECessaries Parent care pack, our packs are for parents of babies with suspected or diagnosed NEC. The NECessaries parents care pack contain emergency food, toiletries and other essential supplies for both parents in hospital. All of our packs are designed by parents for parents.

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(NICU) Mini Parent Hygiene Pack

NEC UK are trailing the launch of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Mini Parent Hygiene Pack.

These are to be given out to ANY parents in need while in the Neonatal Unit. Our packs are designed for all neonatal units across the UK Only.

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