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Making Memories with Siblings

baby feet
baby loss

Making memories with siblings 

  • If you have a picture of baby’s siblings on your phone you could put the phone with the picture displayed next to the baby and take a photo

  • Making handprints of siblings and baby’s handprints together on the same paper, place the children’s prints one on top of the other from largest to smallest. You can do this separately with siblings away from baby if this is preferred  

  • If siblings do see baby once they have died you may want to consider letting each child take their own pictures of his brother or sister. Later you can help them create their own scrapbook in memory of their sibling

  • Using beads to make a small bracelet with the baby’s name and one for each sibling from baby

  • Children can find creativity a helpful way to express their emotions. Siblings may like to write a poem or story about baby and their time together. Crayons and some paper to let them draw is another idea

  • Recording siblings reading a book or poem and/or singing a song to baby. Recordings can be made in another space and then played to baby.

  • Take a photo of the baby with a soft toy maybe a stuffed animal and then giving the toy to the children

  • Taking photos of the children participating in memory making activities at any time can be a memory in itself

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