Meet The Team

NEC UK Trustees

Trustees share ultimate responsibility for governing NEC UK and directing how it is managed and run. 


Marie Spruce


Maz is a parent of a young child who developed surgical NEC and who has ongoing complex needs as result of NEC. Read More...


Lyndsey Kociuba Treasurer

Lyndsey is a bereaved parent of a twin who sadly died from medical NEC. Read More...

claire Radford.jpg

Claire Radford


Claire is a parent to twin boys born at 36+6 weeks. Twin Two survived surgical NEC at 5 weeks old & has ongoing complex medical needs. Read More....

Verified Volunteers

Verified Volunteers

Have been screened and vetted for their roles and support the day to day running of NEC UK in various ways. Verified Volunteers are approved to represent charity.

Samantha Wallace.jpg

Samantha Wallace

Parent Volunteer

Sam is a parent of an older child who had surgical NEC as a baby Read More...

Sophie Lewis.png

Sophie Lewis

Family Volunteer

Sophie has recently started her surgical training with the hope to become a paediatric surgeon. She is currently working at Bristol's Children's Hospital and has been involved first hand with the care of neonates with NEC. Read More...


Nicola Margiotta

Parent Volunteer

Nicola is a adult survivor of surgical NEC and also a parent of a twin who had surgical NEC. Read More...

Graham Williams 8.jpg

Graham Williams

Parent Volunteer

Graham is a bereaved parent to daughter Olivia Jane who sadly died from surgical NEC. Read More...

Colleen ward 2.jpg

Colleen Ward

Parent Volunteer

Colleen is a parent of a young child who had surgical NEC at term gestation. Read More...

LAURA Watson.jpg

Laura Watson

Parent Volunteer

Laura is a parent of a young child who had surgical NEC and who has ongoing complex needs as a result of NEC. Read More...

Medical Advisory Panel


MAP will form as a multidisciplinary team of professionals who kindly offer their expertise and time to advise NEC UK. MAP members are not responsible for any actions or decisions made by the charity.

Nicholas Embleton.png

Nicholas Embleton

Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician and Professor of Neonatal Medicine

Dr Janet Berrington


Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician in Newcastle and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Medicine, Newcastle University, UK. Read More...


Dr Christopher Stewart

Has researched the early life microbiome in health and disease for the past decade, specializing on infants born premature (<32 weeks gestation).


Hanna Wells.jpg

Hannah Wells

Is a registered paediatric nurse.  Initially worked on a paediatric surgical ward, transitioning into Neonates where Hannah has been for 12 years. Hannah spent the last 9 years working as part of the Neonatal surgical specialist team in Southampton Read More...


Nigel Hall 

Nigel Hall is a Paediatric Surgeon in Southampton and a researcher at the University of Southampton



Dr Clara Chong

Is a trainee in paediatric surgery currently working at the Evelina Children Hospital in London. Read More...

Amanda Lawes.png

Amanda Lawes

A Neonatal Occupational Therapist Singleton Hospital Swansea

Kathryn Stagg  MAP Member .jpg

Kathryn Stagg

Offers breastfeeding support on the National Breastfeeding Helpline, online in her Facebook group Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK, which has just been granted charitable status, and in a private practice in Harrow. Read More...


Jutta Koeglmeier is a paediatric Gastroenterologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, where she is clinical lead for the Unit of Nutrition and Intestinal Failure Rehabilitation.