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Financial Resources 


The Family Fund 

(Note: Will consider financial assistance for parents with babies in NICU/SCBU, very rapid on applications under these circumstances especially if made by professionals)

Eligible families must have a gross income of no more than £21,000 pa and savings of £8,000 or less.

Cannot provide items which are the responsibility of the statutory agencies such as medical or educational equipment or small items for daily living such as bath aids, which are the responsibility of social services.

Applications can be made by parents, carers or a professional worker (with parental consent). An application form is available from the trust or applications can be by letter giving the child’s full name and date of birth, parent’s name, address and telephone number.  Brief details about the child’s condition or disability and how this affects them are also needed.  Tell the trust what kind of help is requested and whether an application has been made before

The Managing Director, PO Box 50, York YO1 9ZX

Tel 01904 621 115 Fax 01904 652 625 Minicom 01904 658 085




Rainbow Trust

(Will support NICU/SCBU parents)


Leatherhead, Head Office 6 Cleeve Court, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7UD.
Tel 01372 363438
Fax 01372 363101



The Attlee Foundation

People who are disabled or disadvantaged, anywhere in the UK One-off grants up to £100 towards travel costs for therapeutic journeys, e.g. to maintain contact with family members in hospital, or rehabilitation a long way from home in the UK.  No grants for funerals, holidays, wheelchairs or mobility adaptations.

Apply on a form from the Foundation.  Applications must be made through a social worker, citizen’s advice bureau or other welfare agency, to which the cheque will be payable on behalf of the individual.  An SAE must be enclosed.

Contact: Helena Holt

Attlee Foundation 28 Commercial St London E1 6LR

Tel 020 73775836




The Family Welfare Association 

People in need. A wide variety of trust funds are administered by the FWA. Fuel, bills, clothing, particularly children’s clothing and household needs are most commonly requested, but can also help with more unusual needs such as electronic aids.  Most grants range between £100 and £200.

Contact should be made first by a professional worker (Social Worker, Health Visitor or Voluntary Agency like a C.A.B) giving a brief outline of the need.  If funds are available and an application can be accepted, a form will be sent to the referrer.  Emergency applications can be made by phone.

Grants Manager

501-505 Kingsland Road Dalston London E8 4AU

Tel 020 7254 6251 Fax 020 7249 5443




Hospital Saturday Fund Charitable Trust

Individuals who live in the UK and the republic of Ireland who are ill, disabled or receiving medical care One off grants are made ranging from £25 to £250 towards medical care, medical equipment and appliances and hospital travel. Grants are not made to anything without a medical connection.

Applications on a form from the correspondent. If the application is made directly from the individual, a supporting letter from a welfare agency, social worker or other third party is appreciated. A third party can also apply on behalf of the individual.

Contact: K R Bradley

Administrator 24 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD

Tel 020 7928 6662 Fax 020 7928 0446



Miss Doreen Stanford Charitable Trust 

People in need who are disabled, deaf or blind. Also, children whose families are in financial need.

One-off and recurrent grants ranging between £500 and £1,500, mainly for equipment related to sickness or disability, not for items such as washing machines, clothes or repairs.

Applications must be made through a charity and should contain details of the individual’s income and expenditure. Decisions made once a year in March and applications must be submitted by end January.

Please send an SAE to: Mrs G M B Borner Secretary 26 The Mead Beckenham Kent BR3 5PE

Tel 020 8650 3368


The Grut Charitable Trust

Individuals suffering from the effects of illness or poverty. Children in need are given particular consideration. Grants generally up to £100.  No grants towards holidays.

Applications in writing, supported by a local authority or social welfare organisation.  Details on income and expenditure are required.  Applications are considered monthly.

The Secretary Poole & Co Solicitors, Mansion House, Prince’s Street Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1EP. 

Tel 01935 846000


The Heinz & Anna Kroch Foundation 

Individuals suffering from chronic illness in financial hardship. One-off grants have been awarded towards travelling to hospital to visit sick individuals and towards payment of debts caused by chronic illness.

Applications in writing including full financial information including income and expenditure, submitted through a social worker, CAB or a welfare agency.  Applications considered throughout the year.

Contact: Mrs H Astle

PO Box 5, Bentham Lancaster, LA2 7XA.

Tel/Fax 01524 263001



The Late Baron FA D’Erlangers Charitable Trust

People in need, which may include older people, infirm and children. Preference is given to people who are disabled. One-off grants ranging from £100 to £300, according to need.  No grants for the relief of debts or for student grants. Grants are rarely given for holidays. Applications should be submitted through a social worker, citizen’s advice bureau or other welfare agency, with full details of the family situation, exact reasons for the need and the amount of grant required.  Applications considered throughout the year.

Contact: Philip R Denman

36 Upper Cheyne Row, London, SW3 5JJ.

Tel 020 7823 3432


React (Rapid Effective Assistance for Children with potentially Terminal Illness)

Children up to 18 years old with potentially terminal illnesses. One-off (occasionally recurrent) grants between £50 - £5,000.  Grants for a variety of needs, e.g. washing machines, funeral expenses, telephone bills, specialist toys, carpets, wheelchairs and sensory equipment.  (React claims to offer grants for a very broad and imaginative range of needs) No grants for holidays abroad or alterations to houses.

 An application form should be completed by the individual or through a third party such as a social worker, GP, hospital or hospice. They are dealt with monthly and they must be validated by a medical professional and declare the applicant’s financial status. Applicants are asked to phone if there is any doubt about eligibility.

Contact; Christopher Pulford Development Director

St Luke’s House, 270 Sandycombe Rd, Kew Richmond, Surrey TW9 3NP.

Tel 020 8940 2575




The Salvation Army

 People in need. All grants are one-off, in the form of specific practical assistance such as for needs in the home.  Subject to availability the Salvation Army also provides grants for holidays at a local caravan or at their centre in Westgate, Kent.  No grants for educational purposes.

Apply in writing to the Divisional Director for Business Administration at the nearest regional office (addresses in phone book or visit the website).  Applications must be supported by a caseworker’s report from a social agency, welfare organisation, hospital or medical practice.  Information about the applicant’s social and financial background must be included.

Contact: Major John H Warner Company Secretary

101 Newington Causeway London SE1 6BN

Tel 020 73674783



Variety Club

Helps sick, disabled and disadvantaged children and young people up to the age of 19 years, who are resident in Great Britain.

There are different guidelines depending on the type of equipment being requested: - Mobility Aids such as wheelchairs, trikes and buggies, computer grants, general grants. No grants for trips abroad, medical treatment or research, administrative/salary costs, maintenance or ongoing costs, repayment of loans, basic cost of a family vehicle, non-specific appeals

Who makes the application depends on what is being applied for – contact Variety Club for details, or visit their website

Variety Club House Bayham Street London NW1 0AG

Tel 020 428 8100

Fax 0207 428 8123


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