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When a baby dies from NEC it is usually in a hospital environment. Sometimes families will be cared for in a parent accommodation room on neonatal or PICU unit. Some families may be cared for in a special bereavement suite which might be on the unit or in a different part of the hospital. It may be possible to be transferred to a baby or children’s hospice who can offer much support to families when a baby has died.

If your baby was transferred from a hospital out of area it may also be possible for a transfer back to your local hospital to occur. Some parents may decide they would like to take baby home with them for a period too.

Generally healthcare professionals will go above and beyond to accommodate your wishes and will gently explore the options available with you whilst supporting the choices you make.

Please do not be afraid to speak with the professionals supporting you if the environment you are spending time with your baby is causing additional distress to its location, what one family may find supportive and helpful isn’t always the same for another.

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