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Meeting With The Hospital

After a baby has died you should be offered an appointment to meet with a doctor or consultant at the hospital to discuss your baby. A nurse who cared for your baby may also be present.

This appointment is usually offered through a letter from the hospital and can vary between hospitals to how soon you receive this, it can take around 4-6 weeks on average. If a baby was cared for in more than one unit shortly before they died an appointment with clinicians from both units may be offered either individually or as a combined meeting.

It’s entirely understandable that you may have a lot of questions and the professionals will understand this, writing these down before the appointment can be helpful. If the meeting is offered in a location that you feel will be too difficult or distressing, please do speak to the hospital beforehand as it may be possible to find an alternative location. You can ask for a few moments if you need to take a break anytime too.

After the meeting it would be fair to say many parents can feel quite drained, having the support of loved ones or the online community can be helpful both before and afterwards.

SANDS also have information guides for post-mortems, reviews, investigations and complaints. Please click here to go directly to SANDS

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