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There are many different types of stoma and depending on where in the bowel the NEC has affected and how much of the bowel is affected is it decided on where the stoma will be placed and if additional support is required. Some babies have a stoma and a mucus fistula (which is a second stoma) to assist the bowel with recovery but this is a decision made by the medical team in surgery.

You will receive support of the stoma nurses and team looking after your baby to assist you with learning how to care for the stoma, change the bags and help prevent risk of further infection.

Once a stoma is fitted the decision regarding stoma reversal is a unique one made in a case by case basis. It is dependent on how well the baby is responding with the stoma and how well it is working as well as weight gain and feeding being taken into consideration, this is a medical decision to be made by the team looking after your child in conjunction with you at an appropriate time.

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