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Come Dine For NEC UK

Similarly to the concept of the television series, Come Dine for NEC UK is a fun and exciting way for amateur chefs to host a dinner party and share their creations with their guests in a

spectacular evening for charity.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Invite a group of friends for dinner

Step 2: Choose a theme for the evening and prepare a 3-course meal

Step 3: Invite guests to donate what they would normally spend on a night out, or what they think the meal is worth, this works like the scoring system in the TV series. We suggest a minimum of £5 to reward your hard work!

Why not ask your friends if they would be prepared to host a dinner evening to introduce some friendly rivalry and extend the fun over the course of a few evenings! Email or tag us in some of your best photos of a memorable evening and we will feature them on our website and social media platforms!​

Top Tips!

Preparation. Select items that you can make ahead of time and serve straight from the oven.

If you’ll be using the table again later for dessert, clear the dishes, but just put them aside. Don’t worry about washing them or putting them away until later. This is your party – spend it with your guests!


Once finished eating you could always adjourn to a room with comfortable seating for conversation and coffee.

If conversation lags, have a plan – either some topics of conversation to bring up, or a fun game. And you can always include a theme as part of your dinner party, such as a Murder Mystery Dinner.

Don’t forget your favorite background music to set the mood. Have fun!!

Bon Appétit!

Bake Sale For NEC UK

A bake sale can be a popular way to raise funds for charity. They are fun, delicious and don’t have to be difficult!

Plan your date and decide upon a venue.

Ask for help from any bakers among your family, friends and colleagues, the more the merrier. Non - bakers can be a huge help in preparations and on the day itself.

One of the best ways to reach a large group of people quickly is through social media! Email or tag us in some of your best photos and we will feature them on our website and social media platforms.

Consider food allergies, maybe have a variation of bakes and treats that include items suitable for all. Please ensure all products have an ingredient list that can be easily seen. 

Top Tips!


Cupcakes, brownies, tray bakes and cookies are always winners when it comes to a bake sale. Consider including other items such as homemade bread to complement your event. 


Check out the food standards agency website for helpful information on food hygiene. 


Don't be afraid to ask local businesses including bakeries for any support they may be able to offer your event. 


A cake competition or raffle can be fantastic additions to your event!

NEC UK is on hand to answer any questions and to offer our support all the way.

Body and Beauty for NEC UK

Beard shaving -  Would the idea of you shaving your beard off have your friends and family reaching into their pockets as a way of raising funds for NEC UK?

Wax It - How much would your friends be willing to pay to hear you shout 'ouch!'

Pamper Day - who loves a bit of pampering? why not have your friends over for a night-in? You could even make your own beauty products which will help keep guests entertained and by charging an entry fee you could raise funds in support of NEC UK!

Top Tips!

Set up a fundraising page and grab yourself one of our NEC UK sponsorship forms for anyone who wants to donate in cash.
Create an event on Facebook. Event pages can be set to the friends you wish to invite or made public to support your fundraiser. 
Reach out to local businesses who may be able to offer their support of your fundraiser. 
Aloe Vera gel has both anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, it's also good in facial creams.

Email or tag us in some of your best photos and we will feature them on our website and social media platforms.

Give It Up for NEC UK

Challenge yourself to give up something you love and get sponsored to do so, raising funds in support of NEC UK.

Here is how it works:


Choose something to give up – chocolate, coffee, taking the car to work… you decide. Select a duration time for your challenge.

Set up a fundraising page or use one of our NEC UK sponsorship forms for anyone who wants to donate in cash.

Share your sacrifice with family, friends and colleagues and ask them to sponsor you. 

Share your progress updates and photos with us and we will post them on our social media platforms for further encouragement!

Top Tips!
Use a calendar to keep you motivated and keep track of your progress - you got this! 


Choose something that is a tough challenge, so people sponsor you.


Get as many people as you can involved for moral support.  


If you get close to cheating for whatever you have given up, put what it would cost into a jar, so you can see the impact you are making to Necrotising Enterocolitis and the families affected.

Have fun!

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