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NECessaries Parent Care Pack 


Here at NEC UK one of the services we offer parents is support through our NECessaries Parent care pack, our packs are for parents of babies with suspected or diagnosed NEC. The NECessaries parents care pack contain emergency food, toiletries and other essential supplies for both parents in hospital. All of our packs are designed by parents for parents.


NECessaries Parents Care Pack content

  • Individually wrapped breast pads x2

  • Set of bonding squares/hearts

  • Sachets of nipple cream x2

  • Sanitary towels x4

  • Mini shower gel bottle x1

  • Mini soap bar x1

  • Mini shampoo & conditioner bottle x1

  • Mini hand cream bottle x1

  • Dental sets, toothpaste/toothbrush x2

  • Shaving cream sachets x2

  • Disposable razors x2

  • Unisex comb x1

  • White cotton flannels x2

  • Lip balm x1

  • Pocket size tissues x1

  • Ear plugs x2 

  • Eyes mask x2 

  • Hair scrunchy x1

  • Detergent tablets x2

  • Juice cordial Pod x1

  • Hot chocolate sachets x4

  • Instant soup sachets x4

  • Instant Porridge pot/sachets x2

  • Instant pasta x2

  • Instant noodles x2

  • Cereal bars x2

  • Colouring pencils x1 pack 

  • Pencil sharpener x1

  • NEC UK Pen x1

  • Writing pad x1

  • Doodle/colouring book x1

  • NEC UK information leaflet x1

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