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Dr Janet Berrington


Dr Janet Berrington is a Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician in Newcastle and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Medicine, Newcastle University, UK. She trained in the UK and Australia, and completed an MD in neonatal immunology. She has contributed to a wide programme of neonatal research including two large national NIHR funded feeding trials (SIFT, Speed of Infant Feeing Trial) and the immunonutrient trial of supplementary lactoferrin (ELFIN), each recruiting more than 2000 infants. She is manager of the Great North Neonatal Biobank, a biorepository of samples from >700 preterm infants. She is a co-app on the EME funded mechanistic microbiomic and metabolomic study of lactoferrin (MAGPIE, Mechanisms Affecting the Gut of Preterm Infants in Enteral feeding trials), and a member of the UK Neonatal Nutrition Network. She has led observational studies on the neonatal microbiome and metabolome, and facilitates ongoing translational research in neonates, particularly in relation to necrotising enterocolitis and late onset sepsis development, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and including the development of a preterm enteroid model.

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