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Samantha Wallace

NEC UK Parent Volunteer

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Gemma's Story

Hi I'm Sam, one of the admin on the NEC UK Facebook page. My daughter was born at 28 weeks in 2010 weighing 650g. She got NEC at 6 weeks and needed surgery. She was left with a stoma for around 2 months which needed reversal as she was not gaining weight. After nearly 9 months in nnu and then the surgical unit at the children's hospital we brought her home with an ng tube. The ng was gone by the time she was 2 but she still has a bottle of fortini every night to help her gain weight. Other than that she is fab and we are so proud of her. When we were going through the worst of it I was introduced to a mum and daughter who had been through NEC the year before and it gave us hope that we could bring our girl home too. I want to be able to give parents some hope from our story and support whatever the outcome.

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