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Breast Pump Support

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We have some manual breast pumps available to Mums of babies who have a medically identified risk of developing NEC and who are being cared for in hospital to support Mums to continue expressing their breast milk at home. These pumps are also available to Mums of babies who are recovering from NEC both medically and surgically.

Requests for these pumps must be made by a medical professional. Pumps are provided brand new in sealed boxes, are subject to availability and are offered free of charge. UK only.

Note: NEC UK is not advocating the use of breast pumps over direct breastfeeding where this is possible. For premature and sick babies who may not be able to feed directly from Mum or where by other circumstances may apply, breast pumps can support a Mum expressing for baby to receive breast milk which can reduce the risk of NEC and could help fragile bowels recover.

For Professionals​

Please seek the agreement of parents before contacting NEC UK for a form. We ask that requests for breast pumps are made for Mum's use at home and where baby has a medically identified risk of developing NEC or is recovering from NEC.  

We collect information on the geographical area of the referring hospital or medical establishment. We also ask for the reason the pump is being requested in its relation to NEC and age of baby.


Pumps are sent c/o the referring Neonatal unit/SCBU/PICU, Children's ward or GP practice only.  Pumps will be addressed to the professional making the request. One pump per family please, UK only. 

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