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Leo's Story

My son Leo was born pre-term at 29 weeks due to severe early onset pre-eclampsia which began at 15 weeks. Leo was a fighter from day 1, he developed jaundice at less then 24 hours old and sepsis at 3 days old. When Leo showed signs of getting better he went to high dependency after being in intensive care. At 16 days old Leo became unwell again and went back to intensive care, he had developed sepsis again but had also developed NEC. Leo had to have an emergency laparotomy and the findings were absolutely heartbreaking, he had widespread NEC with only very little gut visible. After that I just knew this was the end of our journey together. Leo’s care was stopped and we chose to withdraw his life support. He died in my dads arms on the 11th March 2019 at 5:44am at just 17 days old.

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