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NEC UK Bundle
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We only accept orders directly from the Neonatal Unit, please do not order if you do not work on the unit...

NEC UK Breast Pump Terms and Conditions

Our Breast Pump agreement:

The breast pump will be donated to your unit by NEC UK However the maintenance will then be the responsibility of your unit. We ask that these pumps be made available to ANY mother in need free of charge. We ask that the unit does their best to try and ensure the pumps are returned we appreciate this can be difficult. We suggest making a contract with the parent. If the pump is missing or not returned please can you inform the charity for our records. We may contact you for details of how many people have used the pump for our records so we can share with our supporters.


We are excited about this project and if successful hope we hope to provide further Bundles in the future.


If you have any questions regarding any of the above please don’t hesitate to contact us at 

Please tick to accept our terms and Conditions of the Breast Pump agreement.

Thanks for your order!

We also ask if you would be willing to share a photos of your NEC Awareness Bundle when it arrives for social media to raise awareness and show our supporters.

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