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Paul's Story

Born 1970, weighing 7lb 5oz my weight then dropped to 2lb 2oz. Weight now 11 stone. The last of 4 babies for my mum, full term. I was born in Burnley general then transferred to Pendlebury children's hospital which has now closed.

I was originally born with rhesus incompatibility and required 2 blood transfusions and a blood exchange. Soon after I developed (what I know now after checking my doctors records last year) NEC. After becoming very poorly I was transferred to Pendlebury children's hospital by ambulance and police escort (go me lol).

When they operated they found that I had too much pre- gangrene to do a resection near the ileum, so they just sewed me back up and hoped for the best but presumed I wouldn't survive. I spent about a month in an incubator inside a soundproof room to lessen the amount of noise I was subjected to.


I was sent home eventually on preprac feeds every 3 hrs and my mum and dad was told to just treat me like a normal baby. The only other thing I got during this time was bronchitis with right sided pneumonia.

As for how it has affected me growing up I have had absolutely no problems at all apart from dental problems and weak stomach muscles where the cut is. I have had all the usual child illnesses, chickenpox, appendicitis etc. I will admit especially after reading other stories I wonder will it ever go wrong the older I get. I have done all the normal things any adult has done.

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