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Sam's Story

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Sam's story.png

​Hi This is Sam, Sam was doing great, we was waiting for a bed at our local hospital. We left him at 2 by 3:30 we had a phone call to say he was unwell. We went back to the NNU and was greeted with Sam has NEC again, he'd already had it once and had managed to be treated with antibiotics this time he was ill so much quicker. 

Sam was being ventilated as we arrived and we were waiting information from the Birmingham children's intensive care retrieval team who arrived to transfer him quickly. Sam had surgery the following day and as the surgeon started the procedure his bowel ruptured. We didn't get back on to full feeds so spent the next 12 weeks in hospital until reversal was done.

We only went back to have his stoma repaired as it was so prolapsed but when Sam returned from his op repaired we was over the moon.

We are so lucky and even though Sam poops every 1.5-2 hours we are still so thankful 6 years on for every smelly bum. xx

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