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Thomas's Story

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Our son Thomas was delivered at 26 weeks by Caesarean, weighing 1lb12oz. Mum Louise had pre-eclampsia & was very sick. For a while both where in intensive care. After a couple of days I had a call from NICU to say that Thomas had taken a big turn for the worse. He was a horrible colour & was on a cocktail of antibiotics. He slowly recovered but at that time had an intra - ventricular haemorrhage. We slowly built up his feeds. Mum was expressing 1.5litres per day & feeding the whole unit! But at a certain point we could not increase his feeds further and so he went to theatre .He was back in less than an hour. This either means no hope or they've managed to resolve things quickly. Fortunately it was the latter, one stricture & three adhesions. A couple of cm of bowel lost.

After that he improved but still spent 3 months in ICU.
He's been back a couple of times with breathing issues so we had all the oxygen etc at home. When discharged he was on 15 med doses/day.
Thomas is now a well 5yo but deaf & with Global Development Delay. Fortunately he does not have CP.
A tough little bugger! Here he is with big brother George who is like a 3rd parent!

By Dad, Richard.

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