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Meet the Families who lost a child due to complications of NEC 

Riley's story 1.png

Riley's Story

My baby boy Riley was born 14 weeks premature due to me having severe pre eclampsia. All was well and he was doing fine, he was coping with life outside my womb as best as could be expected. He had to have a few courses of antibiotics along the way but was nothing too serious. On the 22nd August on my daily visit to the neonatal unit he looked very poorly. Later on I noticed his tummy was very bloated and I noticed bloody round his bum. The doctors then said that it looks like NEC Read More...

Tobias's story image.png

Tobias's Story

Tobias was born at 30 weeks gestation, he weighed 2lb 13oz. He had an absolutely incredible amount of hair on his little head, I definitely think the heartburn myth may well have some truth to it. On the afternoon of day five Tobias very rapidly developed NEC Read More...


Ollie's Story

Hi I'm Lyndsey,

I'm one of NEC UK’s Charity Trustees. On 10th May 2015 I gave birth to my beautiful twin boys, Charlie & Ollie at 32 weeks gestation. They were 3lb 4oz and 3lb 14oz. We knew Ollie had a tough road ahead as he was diagnosed prenatally with pulmonary atresia, meaning only half of his heart was working. When they were born they were both breathing on their own which was really positive. Doctors were hopeful that it was just a matter of getting Ollie big enough for surgery. Ollie needed lots of medication to keep blood flowing through his heart until his surgery, this meant he was very sleepy a lot of the time. On day 9 that evening his temperature was very low and he had an X-ray which confirmed NEC. Read More...

Beatrix's image 1.png

Beatrix's Story

Our daughter Beatrix was born after IVF at 34 weeks 19/08/13.

She contracted NEC at 4 weeks old and was transferred to a specialist hospital. Read More...

leo 3.png

Leo's Story

My son Leo was born pre-term at 29 weeks due to severe early onset pre-eclampsia which began at 15 weeks. Leo was a fighter from day 1

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