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Freddie's Story

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Written by Freddie’s mother, Marie Spruce

Born at 29 weeks!

Freddie was born at 29 weeks by emergency c section due to me developing chorioamnionitis. He initially did remarkably well Day 10 something wasn’t right on day 14 he was diagnosed with severe necrotising enterocolitis. It was this day we were told there was nothing else they could do and our son was going to die. It’s unimaginable to hear those words. We had him baptised family came they kept him comfortable but he kept fighting we were told hours and didn’t leave the unit days passed we were in this awful limbo watching and waiting for your child to die is so surreal. Day 20 he perforated his bowel we were given a choice surgery with less than 5% chance survival or withdraw care. We took the risk terrified we may have handed our baby to surgeons never to see him alive again.

He defined the odds again and had a very long rocky neonatal journey. The surgery unfortunately resulted in most of his bowel being removed leading to short bowel syndrome.

Freddie came home after 8 months in hospital, he has short bowel syndrome and is dependant on TPN.

He is now 4 years old and has since had a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Freddie is the definition of a miracle the doctors still can’t believe he survived or is doing so well. He walks with a walker but can now take independent steps and uses some makaton to aid with his communication. We adore him his brother and sister help with signing and anything that he wants they get. Freddie is our miracle I feel blessed to be his mummy.

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